Mikhail Leschenko. Minsk (Belarus)


Some exhibitions:


2003 – participation in an exhibition arranged on base of the results of the ProPhotoArt-2002 competition. Minsk, Belarus

November 2004 – participation in Happy To Be There exhibition, Vienna, Austria.

2005 – participation in international photo exhibitions «Berlin-Minsk:alternative ansichten». KvU, Berlin, Germany/ Podzemka (Underground) Minsk, Belarus

November 2008 – participation in the 2nd International Fashion Photo Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania.

April 2009 – joint project with Maxim Shumilin called Diaries of the Wind. Pobeda movie theatre, Minsk, Belarus

December 2009 – January 2010 – joint project with Maxim Shumilin called Noon. Pobeda movie theatre, Minsk, Belarus

May-June 2010 - Noon joint project with Maxim Shumilin in the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia

April 2011 – joint exhibition with Maxim Shumilin called Noon in the Fotoloft Gallery, Moscow, Russia

June 2013 - joint exhibition of BY NOW project, International Festival of Photography in Lodz, Poland

October - November 2013 - joint exhibition of BY NOW project, "CEH" art space, Minsk, Belarus

October 2014 - participation in the BY NOW joint exhibition, IFA gallery, Berlin, Germany

April - May 2015 - participation in the exhibition "Un Homme; chapitre III", Galerie Hors-Champs, Paris, France

May 2017 – “Three strophes from the summer”, Kniznaja shafa gallery, Minsk, Belarus


Participation in book of young Belarusian photography “BY NOW”, which was published in the German publishing house Kehrer. 2013.


Participant of the scholarship half-year programme of the Ministry of Culture of Poland "Gaude Polonia" in 2018.